Galgotias University is one of the topmost private Universities in India. It has a fantastic placement track record and is known for its world-class environment and highly qualified and skilled Faculty.

The infrastructure is also state of the art and all facilities are provided within the campus.

The students come from diverse backgrounds and this diversity is the strength of Galgotias University.

Moreover the University is located in Greater Noida which is in close proximity to the commercial and IT hubs of Noida and New Delhi.

Apart from the admission tests and normal admissions, Galgotias University also provides scholarships for deserving students. Students with exemplary academic records, and those with special skills in sports, literature and performing arts are provided with scholarships. Also there are scholarships for the economically weaker sections of students and for disabled students too.

These are lists of some scholarships offered by Galgotias University:

  • 100% tuition fee waiver for toppers of all Boards/Universities.
  • 50% tuition fee waiver as scholarship for students securing upto 4000th rank in the IIT-JEE.
  • 50% tuition fee waiver as scholarship for students securing upto 100th rank in the UPSEE.
  • 25% tuition fee waiver as scholarship for students securing 93% aggregate / PCM and above in class 12 or 80% marks in graduation.
  • 20% tuition fee waiver as scholarship for students securing upto 5000th rank in AIEEE or students scoring at least 70%tile in CAT or above 700 marks in MAT.
  • 50% tuition fee waiver as scholarship for students with gold or silver medal at the national level/state level in sports or have some exemplary achievements to their credit in the area of performing arts or literature.

Apart from scholarships at the time of admission there are other scholarships available for students who perform well in the Universities internal exams. These scholarships are awarded to toppers and students with exemplary academic achievement and excellence and they are valid for one year.

Galgotias University is taking a lead in the education domain as far as academic excellence and scholarships are concerned and that is the reason why they attract the best talent from across the country. To know more about Galgotia University check Galgotia University Reviews.




Being amongst the top universities amongst private universities, Galgotias University has a class of its own. We are dedicated to providing quality practical job-based education and nurturing the leaders of tomorrow.

Based out of Greater Noida Galgotias University has more than 15000 students who are pursuing from amongst 100 Undergraduate and Post Graduate programs.

We believe in keeping the ‘Student First’ and are totally focused on becoming a catalytic agent in transforming an 18-year-old to an apt and able professional working for a big brand and delivering excellence. This is the reason why Galgotias University is ranked in one of the top most universities in India.

These are the reasons why you should choose Galgotias University:


According to many students’ opinions and reviews, the placement in GalgotiasUniversity is very good. You can expect to get into a world-class company straight away if you graduate from Galgotias University. The average salary is also relatively high. Placement is not an issue here according to former students.


The buildings are well finished and look aesthetic, also the infrastructure is quite good, much better than other Universities. The labs are good and with all the advanced facilities and the library and canteen are very good. Also, the fee is almost the same as other private Universities. Moreover, the college is spread across only 55 acres with all the facilities available within the campus for students


Galgotias surely is a big a brand name and students who take admission there get placed in high profile roles in high profile companies and MNC’s. Moreover, most students there say that this was their first option and the college is great to speak off. Of course, no other college is of this standard


The student-faculty ratio at GalgotiasUniversity is great. It is 100 is to 7. Moreover, faculty provide individual attention and in fact handhold all students acting like mentors and also give extra classes to weak students.

All in all Galgotias University is one of the best private Universities in India and you are lucky if you get admission into it. Once admitted you can rest assured that you will get world class amenities and education and will also be placed in a good company with a decent package. Check Galgotias University reviews for students reviews and feedbacks.


Being on the top amongst private universities, Galgotias University has a class of its own. We are dedicated to providing quality practical job-based education and nurturing the leaders of tomorrow.

Based out of Greater Noida Galgotias University has more than 15000 students who are pursuing from amongst 100 Undergraduate and Post Graduate programs.

We believe in keeping the ‘Student First’ and are totally focused on becoming a catalytic agent in transforming the young generation to an apt so that they can do perform well for a big brand and delivering excellence. This is the reason why Galgotias University is ranked in one of the top most universities in India.

Galgoti University Reviews

The record-breaking placements are another cap in our feather as companies from India and abroad flock to our campus and hire many of our students.

There are many reasons why Galgotia’s is considered the best, from the rest and they, are:

  1. Up to 100% scholarship for meritorious students– We attract the best students from all across the country as we provide fantastic scholarships to deserving students

  1. 52 Acres of Learning Environment– Space nurtures the spirit and with a huge campus, students find their corners and learning spaces. Yes space does make a difference

  1. 100+ Distinguished Faculty from top institutions– We attract and employ the best faculty from all over India. Most of our faculty members have an experience which boasts of teaching in institutes of high repute

  1. 180+ Labs to explore– We have all the modern facilities available for students to try out and experiment with the knowledge they gain in the classroom

  1. 1400 Seater on-campus Hostel that feels like Home– We have student-friendly homely hostels where students interact, learn, celebrate and enjoy their learning experience

  1. 15,000 brilliant students– We attract students from all over the country and give our students a multicultural and multinational exposure in the college itself

  1. Top ranked institutes in Engineering, Management & Law– We rank as one of the best institutes in these fields and corporates line up in the placement season to select our students for their companies

  1. Students placed in Fortune 500 Companies, MNCs & leading corporates– Galgotias has a fantastic and unbeatable placement record and the packages of students go northwards every year

Thus Galgotias University is the place to be if you want to stand out from the crowd and make a mark for yourself in the highly competitive Corporate and Business world. To know more check Galgotia University Reviews.

The know-how of admission in Galgotias University

Galgotias University has materialized as the most aspired university for engineering, management and law programs since its inception for known quality reasons. The university is a legacy that laid its foundation with the objective of achieving the absolute position in the impartation of quality education. Galgotias University has emerged as a metonym of excellence in the field of corporate education. It has also come out to be an aspired university of many bright and budding talents of India.

The admission process to any one of the value engineering, technological, administrative, and managerial or law programs of Galgotias University is very simple. All that a student has to do is:

  1. Check whether or not you clear the admission eligibility criteria assigned to the course you wish to secure admission in.
  2. Upon surpassing the required criteria, a student needs to fill up and submit a registration form.
  3. On completion of the mandatory submission of application and supporting documents as proof of eligibility, you will have to follow up with the admissions department for the payment of fees and more.

Since the seats in each course are limited due to Galgotias attempt to keep classes small and interactive to support the motive of providing undivided attention to each student, the seats get filled in just no-time.

Galgotias University is opportune for each student aspiring to be a technocrat, lawyer, business entrepreneur or researchers. With exceptional faculty, extraordinary learning environment, skillful vocational training, on-field experience platforms and extra-curricular exposure, Galgotias University stands most valued and coveted amongst all its competitive universities.

Once admitted into Galgotias University Placements, the apprentice will gain access to a system that will transform their career and modify the student into witty professionals. To garner the unprecedented platform of corporate leverage extending by Galgotias University, register with the university today before the seats are taken.

For more information check Galgotias University Reviews.

Modernized System Of Learning For Exceptional Results | Galgotias University

With evolution in the economy and escalated significance of strategic business management, the importance of corporate and professional programs has also skyrocketed. The change witnessed in the working culture of economies globally has charged universities to alter the educational systems to build entrepreneurs capable of taking charge of modern-day businesses.

Welcoming such desired results in, Galgotias University has topped the charts with achievers and innovators. The university with various specialized genres like engineering, technology, and management is toiling hard towards building an automated educational system that unveils and refines the vocational skill sets of its students in order to make them globally competitive.

Galgotias University has been praised for result oriented efforts it puts in to train the students for the real challenges in different walks of the opted profession. Apart from theoretical wisdom, it works around to install and invoke professional values and ethics in them through numeral extra-curricular activities and events. To support their objective of discovering different interests in students and manipulating the same to trigger beneficial professional conventionalities in them, Galgotias University offers ample of clubs and groups for students to choose from such as dance, dramatics, sports, Rotaract etc.

Not just this, Galgotias University Placements also exposes it students to the corporate world to lend them valuable professional experience through a window of corporate internship that students are required to take up in summer. These internships are mandated for the apprentices to enable them to study and analyze real world challenges and brainstorm their wits to resolve the issues.

The energy influxes by the faculty and management of Galgotias University Reviews has bagged it praises and accolades from recognized institutions and alumni. Apart from on stage acknowledgment, the best prize Galgotias has witnessed is the 100% placement record which can be accredited to the winning combination of exceptional vocational and technical training assisted by theoretical and traditional learning. The altered system of imparting education at Galgotias University is a proven example of how modernized and practical learning assisted with traditional and tested knowledge can help young professionals land into better corporate positions.

For Higher Education Choose Galgotias University

The aftermath of career choice is one amongst the foremost difficult calculations of all times. no matter interest and caliber, which course to pursue and which university to get into are two parapsychology obstacle. With a rise in chosen and nice universities to decide on from, the scholar’s area unit ruined for selection however on learning the outstanding and distinctive instructional and skilled domination of Galgotias University Reviews, the confusion evaporates every time.

15+ specialised faculty of learning, prime ranks in engineering, management and law, up to 100 percent scholarship to worthy students, 180+ laboratories, 100+ specialised mentors, affiliation with MSME and government of India, 1400 on seater campus and far additional, all in a 52 acre of extensive learning space are some of the treasures of Galgotias, that creates it a prime selection for college students.

Aside to such advantages and career shaping distinct offerings, Galgotias University Placements features a recorded history of 100 percent placements in additional than 140 companies and multi-national firms, that entrust in its apprentices to meet the skills needs of the vacant job frames. the scholars at Galgotias University area unit endowed with comprehensive subjective information, technical and real industrial coaching among the diameter of their specialization and a valuable access and platform to stand out on the educational front.

The confidence of huge companies and aspiring students and therefore the rising quality of Galgotias University is that the testament of its extraordinary performance and credible academic insights. If you select Galgotias as your career shaper, you’ll be able to be sure of :

  1. A well developed and maintained education surroundings and a never-ending flow of subjected proficiency and information.
  2. Access to totally different areas like library and laboratories for experimenting and learning.
  3. A recreational student life on-campus along side totally different clubs and extra-curricular activities.
  4. Undeniably exceptional guidance and coaching to face universe company and skill challenges.
  5. An opportunity to showcase your educational excellence and vocational proficiency in placement cell ahead of over one hundred recruiting companies.

What additional will a university raise its kitty of service to assist students face and brighten up their career paths?

Galgotias University Provide Best Academic Transitions

Galgotias University was honored among the highest 3 emerging B-schools by the leading daily ‘Times of India’ and was ranked 12th most this year. The underlying and core values of the management of the university has created bagged it applauds from not one however many recognized private and government establishments. The university has also bench marked the new stop of success in but a decade and is certain to rise to unfathomable heights in actualizing its set objectives.

Lush green and arranged campus covers 1200 acres in greater Noida, Galgotia University has laid the strong academic foundation for its operation. Galgotia University was conceptualized and remodeled into reality by Suneel Galgotia and Dhruv Galgotia in 2011. Galgotia University took its roots with an objective of marking its spot as a pioneer in education, analysis, and innovation.

Galgotias methodology of transitioning school students into corporate and world ever-changing entrepreneurs has established to be operating with success since its inception. The utmost importance is given by the university entirely falls within the interest of its apprentices. Galgotia university offers more than 100 undergraduate and postgraduate programs to decide on from and over 15,000 students have by far been admitted to this prestigious university.

Apart from kind of courses and array of programs being a significant pulling card of Galgotia University, it has also attractable its efficiency and result-driven objectives through its exceptionally rewarding placements. the faculty of Galgotia University is completely picked to pass away the unfiltered managerial and professional acumen to the budding talent.

Galgotia University doesn’t solely cater to students on the intellect grounds but has additionally developed a praise worthy campus. The campus includes of 1400 on seater capability to be home to its students and college, 180+ labs for experiential and sensible learning, over 50 acres of learning arena, well kept and updated library, activity centers for recreation and more. Galgotia University has materialized as the metonym of student orientated success.

For more information check Galgotias University Reviews.